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Palo Santo Sanctified Sticks: Embrace the Legacy of the Divine Wood

Palo Santo, often revered as the "Holy Wood," carries with it a rich tapestry of tradition and spiritual significance. Traditionally harnessed by Indigenous Amazonian and Andean healers, this sacred wood is utilized in rituals to cleanse the aura, draw in positivity, and instill a deep sense of tranquility.

Our Palo Santo sticks are ethically sourced from the pristine coasts of South America. We are committed to sustainability, which is why our premium Palo Santo is wild-harvested exclusively from naturally fallen branches. This ensures not only the preservation of this sacred tree but also the authenticity and potency of each stick.


  • Authentic Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens): Experience the genuine essence of this divine wood.
  • Sustainably Sourced: Our commitment to Mother Earth ensures each stick is harvested from naturally fallen wood, preserving the sanctity of our forests.
  • Aromatic Profile: Dive into a unique sensory journey with notes of pine, mint, and lemon, underpinned by the cozy warmth of a fireplace and a touch of sweetness.

Invite a piece of ancient tradition into your space. Let our Palo Santo sticks guide you to harmony, purification, and spiritual enlightenment.

Hold the Palo Santo Stick at an angle pointing downward. Ignite the tip, then blow out the flame, allowing only the smoke to emanate. Direct the sacred smoke around your body or space for cleansing and purification. Upon completion, place the stick in a fireproof bowl and snuff it out using sand.

Always be cautious when using fire. Do not leave the smoldering stick unattended and keep it distant from flammable items. Avoid using around pregnant women, children, or individuals susceptible to asthma or epilepsy. Employ responsibly, understanding the associated risks.

Each of the 5-6 sticks provides multiple uses, creating numerous moments of tranquility and spiritual connection.


  • Authentic Legacy: Immerse in the time-honored tradition and spiritual significance of genuine Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens).
  • Ethical Harvesting: Our sustainably sourced sticks highlight our commitment to ecological preservation and the sanctity of the sacred tree.
  • Aromatic Allure: Relish the unique aromatic blend of pine, mint, and lemon, enhanced by the comforting warmth of a fireplace and a subtle sweetness.
  • A Touch of Tradition: Every stick is a gateway to age-old rituals, guiding seekers towards harmony, purification, and enlightenment.

Package contains 5-6 Palo Santo Sticks, each approximately measuring 4.0 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches and weighing around 0.02 pounds. Note: Actual product dimensions and appearance may slightly vary.

Pure Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) sustainably harvested from naturally fallen branches.

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Palo Santo Sanctified Sticks - A Passage to Tranquil Divinity

At Sawdust & Embers, our Palo Santo Sanctified Sticks offer a sacred bridge to age-old tranquility, embodying a rich legacy of spiritual cleansing and ethereal positivity from the heart of South America's pristine wilderness, guiding you gently towards harmony and spiritual enlightenment with every aromatic whisper.

Palo Santo Sanctified Sticks - A Passage to Tranquil Divinity