Wholesale Partnerships

Direct Wholesale Partnership

Looking to partner directly with Sawdust & Embers? Explore our tailored in-house wholesale policies designed for seamless business collaboration:

Payment Options: We accept all major credit cards. If you're paying via company checks, please allow a 10-day clearance period before order processing.

Shipping Details: Expect your order to be dispatched within 8-10 days. We use USPS Priority Mail or UPS for secure, insured deliveries within the U.S.

Order Minimums: Our initial orders start at a 24-unit product minimum, with a reduced threshold of 12 units for subsequent orders.

Free Shipping: Enjoy complimentary shipping for U.S. orders exceeding $600.

Exclusivity: We offer zip code exclusivity for our products, assessed on an individual basis to ensure mutual growth.

Quality Guarantee: We pride ourselves on the premium quality of our products. If, however, you find any product to be defective, you can return it at our cost within 15 days of delivery.

Choose direct wholesale with Sawdust & Embers for a personalized, quality-assured experience.

Faire Wholesale Marketplace Experience

Considering using the Faire platform for your wholesale needs? Discover the advantages of ordering through the Faire wholesale marketplace with Sawdust & Embers:

Convenient Access: Browse our expansive product range on a user-friendly platform, designed for hassle-free navigation and swift order placements.

Flexible Payment Terms: Faire offers Net 60 terms, giving you ample time to manage payments while ensuring your inventory stays replenished.

Shipping Promotions: Benefit from limited-time shipping promotions exclusive to Faire users, optimizing your order value.

Risk-Free Buying: With Faire's return policy, buy with confidence knowing you can return unsold items within a stipulated timeframe.

Diverse Selection: Access a curated collection of our best-sellers and new arrivals, ensuring your retail space is always stocked with trending products.

Market Insights: Faire provides valuable market data, helping you make informed buying decisions based on customer preferences and industry trends.

Join the Sawdust & Embers family on Faire and leverage the platform's benefits for a streamlined, efficient, and rewarding wholesale experience.