Heathered Cashmere - 7.5 OZ Soy Candle

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Embrace the serene transition from winter to spring with the Heathered Cashmere candle, where lush English Ivy, soft cashmere, and blooming magnolia mingle with vibrant blueberry and rich pomegranate, evoking the promise of new beginnings.

Spring's Whisper

Heathered Cashmere is an exquisite candle that elegantly captures the ephemeral moment when winter's embrace gently yields to the awakening of spring. This fragrance is a celebration of the seasonal transition, embodying the delicate balance between the lingering coziness of winter and the budding promise of spring. It begins with the lush greenery of English Ivy intertwined with the luxurious softness of cashmere and the elegant bloom of magnolia, setting a serene and sophisticated tone.

As the candle burns, it unveils a heart of vibrant blueberry and white freesia, infusing the air with bright floral freshness. The tart sweetness of wild grape and the juicy richness of pomegranate add a burst of life, like the first fruits of the season ripening under a strengthening sun. Hints of lily enhance the floral bouquet, while the subtle presence of green vines weaves through the scent, evoking the image of new growth climbing towards the light.

The journey concludes with a base of violet, adding a delicate, powdery finish that complements the intricate layers above. Heathered Cashmere is a scent that invites you to savor the final cozy moments of winter while eagerly anticipating the adventures that spring will bring. It's a fragrance that encourages you to bask in the comfort of your home, wrapped in warmth, yet also inspires you to step outside and embrace the fresh possibilities of a new season​​.