About Us

Our Evolution: From a Creative Studio to a Modern Mercantile

Introduction: Welcome to the evolved Sawdust & Embers, your Texas-based modern mercantile! What began as a journey in crafting uniquely aromatic, hand-poured candles has blossomed into a haven of handcrafted wonders. We are excited to pivot from our humble beginnings to now offering a curated collection of quality handmade goods from other dedicated makers, alongside our cherished Sawdust & Embers product line.

Our Journey: Our story ignited in 2016, with the founding duo, John and Brett Marquez, dedicating their creativity to conjure candles that were not only environmentally conscious and long-lasting but also a bearer of nostalgic aromas. Based in our quaint North Texas studio, each candle was hand-poured with a proprietary soy wax blend into American-made containers, embodying our commitment to quality, sustainability, and a love for the unique.

The Pivot: Inspired by the rich tapestry of artisan skills, we envisioned a broader horizon - a modern mercantile that champions the extraordinary craftsmanship of talented makers far and wide. This pivot is more than a change; it's an expansion of our ethos to celebrate authentic craftsmanship and foster a community that values the handmade.

Our Offerings: Now, as Sawdust & Embers Mercantile, we extend beyond our signature candles to a diverse range of handcrafted goods. From the heart of Texas, we bring you an array of products including charcoal incense, beard oil, room sprays, and a handpicked selection of other handmade treasures from skilled artisans. Each item is a testament to quality, authenticity, and a gentle nod to nature’s essence.

Our Commitment: Our dedication to eco-conscious practices and supporting small-scale artisans remains steadfast. Whether it's the recyclable materials, sustainably sourced wicks, or the absence of harmful chemicals in our fragrances, every aspect reflects our pledge towards a greener, more authentic world.

Your Invitation: Explore the warmth and creativity that nestles within each product at Sawdust & Embers. Whether shopping for yourself or on a quest for the perfect gift, discover the stories and the meticulous craftsmanship that define each item in our curated selection. We invite you to be part of this exciting new chapter, as we continue to value quality over quantity, authenticity over conformity, and the charm of the handmade over the mass-produced.

Thank You: We are grateful for your support and curiosity as we embark on this expanded venture. It's not just about the products, but the stories they tell and the communities they uplift. Thank you for being a part of the Sawdust & Embers narrative. Our doors, both virtual and eventual physical, are always open for you to discover, appreciate, and be inspired.


A Circle of Giving

At Sawdust & Embers, the craft is a journey that intertwines with the essence of giving. Our inspiration is drawn from a myriad of life's facets, and we believe in extending our gratitude by contributing to causes that resonate with our core values. We channel 10% of our profits to a diverse array of twelve reputable charities, making a difference in various realms that touch lives.

Our charitable journey extends across a spectrum:

Nature and Environment: Supporting the preservation and appreciation of nature’s marvels through organizations like the National Wildlife Federation, Save the Redwoods League, National Audubon Society, Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, and Plastic Oceans International.

Community and Humanity: Uplifting communities and nurturing hope through contributions to Habitat for Humanity International, Feeding America, and Jonathan's Place.

Support and Resilience: Extending support to individuals navigating life’s challenges, by partnering with The Trevor Project and Wounded Warrior Project.

Your choice to embrace the handcrafted treasures of Sawdust & Embers goes beyond a mere purchase. It's a ripple in a larger wave of positive impact, linking the joy of owning a handcrafted item with the fulfilling act of supporting various causes. Each product you choose not only brings the essence of craftsmanship into your space but also contributes to a circle of giving that reaches out to nature, communities, and individuals in need.

Join us in a journey that crafts not just products, but pathways to make a meaningful difference. Together, we can create a narrative of positive impact, one handcrafted item, and one cherished cause at a time.