Our Fragrances

Our Fragrance Library: A Scented Journey Since 2016

At Sawdust & Embers, our fragrance journey began in 2016, and since then, we've embarked on an olfactory exploration that has given rise to a diverse and captivating fragrance library. Our commitment to crafting unique scents has led us to create an array of memorable fragrances, some of which continue to grace our product lineup, while others have taken a graceful bow and retired.

Discover Our Timeless Classics

Many of the fragrances you'll find below have become cherished classics, adored by our customers for their distinctive and captivating notes. These scents have found a permanent place in our collection, and you can explore them at any time.

Limited Editions and One-of-a-Kind Aromas

In our quest for innovation and the pursuit of new olfactory adventures, we occasionally retire older fragrances to make space for fresh creations. But fret not, if you have a beloved scent that has bid adieu, we periodically bring back limited releases of these old favorites. It's our way of honoring the nostalgia and fond memories that these scents evoke.

A Fragrance for Every Occasion

Whether you're drawn to the comforting embrace of a classic scent or enticed by the allure of a limited edition, Sawdust & Embers offers a fragrance for every occasion and preference. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship remains unwavering, ensuring that each scent in our library carries with it a piece of our dedication to creating the finest aromas.

Stay Tuned for What's Next

Our fragrance library is ever evolving, and we're continually exploring new scent profiles and creations. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for announcements about our latest releases and one-off batches. Your feedback and interest guide our choices, so don't hesitate to let us know which fragrances captivate your senses and deserve a special place in our lineup.

Explore our fragrances and embark on a scented journey through the years. Thank you for being a part of our aromatic adventure at Sawdust & Embers.