Beard Serum

Elevate your grooming with the Sawdust & Embers Beard Serums. Each serum is meticulously crafted with natural oils like Sweet Almond, Castor, Grape Seed, Olive, and Argan, combined with unique essential oil blends to provide unparalleled beard care. Designed to hydrate, soften, and promote healthy beard growth, our serums offer sophisticated scents that cater to the discerning gentleman. From the invigorating notes of Weathered Teak to the warm sophistication of Worn Leather, our collection is perfect for those seeking premium grooming products.


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Weathered Teak - 2 OZ Beard SerumWeathered Teak - 2 OZ Beard Serum
Charcoal - 2 OZ Beard SerumCharcoal - 2 OZ Beard Serum
Homestead - 2 OZ Beard SerumHomestead - 2 OZ Beard Serum
Worn Leather - 2 OZ Beard SerumWorn Leather - 2 OZ Beard Serum
Smoke - 2 OZ Beard SerumSmoke - 2 OZ Beard Serum