Basecamp - 30 Charcoal Incense Cones

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Basecamp Charcoal Incense: Discover Tranquility in Nature's Embrace

Discover the tranquility of outdoor living with our Basecamp Charcoal Incense. Imbued with a harmonious blend of aldehydic, citrusy orange, citronella, zesty lemon, and woody undertones, this incense transforms your backyard or lakeside pier into a peaceful retreat.

Each cone of Basecamp Charcoal Incense is crafted by hand using natural ingredients and sustainable materials, demonstrating respect for our environment while enriching your outdoor spaces. Its soothing and refreshing scent enhances quiet moments under the open sky.

Experience the calm of your backyard or the serenity of a lakeside sunset with our incense. As the smoke rises, it deters unwelcome visitors, immersing you in the comforting embrace of nature.

Order your Basecamp Charcoal Incense today, and let the tranquil essence of the outdoors enhance your al fresco living experiences.

Basecamp: Discover Tranquility in Nature's Embrace

At Sawdust & Embers, the allure of serenity is captured and revered through our Basecamp Charcoal Incense, creating an outdoor sanctuary where peace transcends amidst nature's tender embrace.