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Our Fragrances

At Sawdust & Embers, we are committed to using natural products and essential oils in our candles, but it’s also necessary for you to understand the full story behind this mission.

As much as we (and others like us) try to produce 100% earth friendly and naturally sourced candles, most every candle you’ve ever bought does have some minor use of synthetic ingredients. Moreover, there may be other circumstances such as environmentally destructive harvesting practices and endangerment of species/materials that would persuade you to avoid natural vs. synthetic ingredients.

However, we can promise this:  We will NEVER use parabens or other nasty preservatives, and we have legitimate reasons to use “unnatural” ingredients in our candles as they are specifically designed for safe and effective burn quality.

Here are some of the “exceptions” to our rule of only natural products:

Certain essential oils such as sandalwood, rosewood, ambergris, and a few other natural fragrance ingredients are costly and environmentally destructive to harvest. Therefore, we don’t use it and instead, use various natural and manmade replacements.

Additionally, a few synthetic aromas are just worth using.  Aldehydes help us to replicate fragrances that could not be made through a natural process, such as blueberries or cotton candy. Calone allows us to add the scent of the ocean and Ion-ones give you an incredibly realistic violet and iris aroma.

It's also worth noting some aroma-chemicals are synthetic copies of essentials oils. Isoeugenol, for instance, replaces the eugenol found in essential oils of clove, cinnamon, allspice.

We aim to be completely transparent about every aspect of our candles.  (And everyone else’s for that matter.)  However, for most customers, they understand we are 100% committed to providing the highest quality NATURAL INGREDIENT candle on the market, and we’re doing a pretty darn good job of it when you compare and shop around!