Step into Sawdust & Embers' living herbarium with the Botanica Collection, where each candle is a celebration of the earth's verdant bounty. This collection is a tribute to the delicate dance of flowers in bloom, the lushness of rich green leaves, and the symphony of scents found in a sunlit garden. Our candles capture the delicate balance of nature's own botanical compositions, hand-poured and heartfully curated for the green-thumbed and the floral-hearted.

The Botanica line is a testament to the beauty of growth and the flourish of nature's palette. Every burn releases a bouquet of sophistication, with top notes that sparkle with life, middle notes that sing of the heart of flora, and base notes that ground you in the comforting embrace of Mother Earth. Sawdust & Embers invites you to a sensory garden party where the air is always fresh, the flora is in perpetual bloom, and every scent tells the story of nature's unwritten poetry.


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Sawdust & Embers Botanica Candles Fiddle-Leaf Fig - 7.5 OZ Soy CandleSawdust & Embers Botanica Candles Fiddle-Leaf Fig - 7.5 OZ Soy Candle