Natural Loofah Sponge Pads

BeNatEnvironment-friendly high-quality natural loofah.Experience the natural exfoliating and buffs away dead skin to revitalize dull, flaky skin and leave you feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. BeNatn atural loofahalso promotes micro-circulation and helps to unclog pores so your skin will be more receptive to your favorite beauty serums or moisturizers.

Material:100% Natural Loofah

Size:8-inch diameter, really thin, and triple its size when getting wet.


Quantity per pack:8 rounds

Directions:Soak into the water to expands then if you want to add your favorite soap and GENTLE deep cleansing with circular movements. Dry in the air after each use.

Suggestion:Replace your loofah every 3-4 weeks.