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Sawdust & Embers

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Apothecary Candle

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  • Take a second and think back to pre-pandemic. When you could take a lazy Saturday stroll through downtown. Artisan coffee in hand, wandering from store to store when you come across a boutique plant shop. Gorgeous one-of-a-kind ceramic planters house thriving fiddle leaf fig and snake plants in the front windows surrounded by a lovely assortment of unique blooming succulents. Our new Fiddle Leaf Fig candle is exactly what you would imagine that boutique plant store smells like. 

  • The notes of Wild Fig, Oak, & Moss play so perfectly with each other. The succulent, ripe aroma of a freshly picked fig mixed with the warm, woodsiness of the oak, and the moss bringing in the scent of dewdrops clinging to the ferns along a forest floor. The scent is bright, green, earthy, yet rich and luscious. 

  • This is the perfect candle for any plant lover. Who wouldn't want their space smelling like a high-end plant boutique?


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    1. 60-65 hours burn time (approx.)

    2. Custom-blended fragrances w/ essential oils
    3. Recyclable clear glass jar - 3.5"H by 2.75"D

    4. 8.5 oz. proprietary soy wax blend

    5. handcrafted & packaged in Garland, TX
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