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Our Fragrances

The Lineup

Since 2016 we have released a multitude of products and fragrances. This page is a breakdown of our entire library. Most of these items are currently in our lineup, and others have been discontinued. 

From time to time we retire old fragrances to make room for new products. Have a favorite that's no longer available? Fear not, we often do limited releases of old scents as well as one-off batches to gauge customer interest. 

This is our collection of fragrances since our inception in 2016. The signature products of our lineup are the Travel candles with aromas meant to inspire those with any taste.

02 | Spice Birch

Black Birch | Ginger Root | Spiced Rum


Charred Oak

Oak Barrels | Tobacco | Vanilla

Intrinsic Brewery Exclusive

06 | Texas Cedar

Cedar | Bay Leaf | Bergamot

07 | Oak Grove

Oak Moss | Amber | Sage

09 | Worn Leather

Leather | Cedar | Tonka Bean

10 | Muir Woods

Redwood | Champaca | Fern

13 | Fern Canyon

Wild Fern | Wood Rose | Sweet Grass


15 | Coyote Tobacco

Tobacco | Conifer Needles | Lichen

16 | Gray Willow

Green Tea | Willow | Moss



Mahogany | Lemongrass | Amber Resin

13 | Skulls in the City

Grapefruit | Rock Rose | Patchouli

Limited Run - Holiday

12 | Winter Woods

Noble Fir | Balsam | Cedarwood

Limited Run - Holiday


Citronella | Lemongrass | Cedar

Outdoor Candle

Honey Hefeweizen

Honey | Banana | Spice

Intrinsic Brewery Exclusive