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Tannery South x Sawdust & Embers Pinecone Keychain

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We’ve partnered with Tannery South to make these awesome leather keychains with our signature Pinecone logo.

Tannery South says it better. Here’s a few details about this handcrafted Italian leather. 

— It's hard to convey the amazingness of this leather.  If you love the patina process, the visible journey that leather takes as it's used, then you can expect to have a special relationship, and appreciation for this leather.

Some leathers naturally exhibit a beautiful bloom after a certain period of inactivity, which is usually easy to wipe or wear away. This "Ghost" leather, however, is coated in a thin but dense layer of wax/tallow that can take several days, weeks, or even months to fade depending on how it's being used.  Beneath this white layer lies a gorgeous medium-high sheen veg tan that will begin to develop its own patina, which in turn creates an even bolder contrast to the remaining tallow.

With use, much of the wax/tallow layer will wear and expose the beautiful top leather layer, ready for its own #PatinaEvolution. Areas of low contact and use exposure will keep the contrasting white layer giving each piece a truly one of a kind look based on the individual using it. — Tannery South Leather Co. 



  • World renowned leather from Italian tannery Conceria Walpier. 
  • Classic Round Keychain measures 1 7/8".
  • Nickel hardware.
  • Handmade in Georgia
  • tannerysouth.com